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To My Princess 3 – 4 Months

To my Princess 3, It seems to be flying by! I need to apologise to you. This month we’ve found out that you have a tongue tie and its left me feeling very guilty and upset that we didn’t even check. Nobody did. Even when you were struggling to gain weight! We’ve been referred to the hospital next month for …

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“I want to cherish everything”

When your first baby comes along, the newborn bubble that we plop ourselves comfortably in lasts forever. There’s no rush to get out the house. The 6 week marker comes and goes. You realise you haven’t showered in three or four days, you certainly only ventured out of bed for the loo or to grab food. This was sort of …

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First Tastes, Highchair Needed Soon?!

This morning we gave P2 her first taste of something other than milk. She’s 18 weeks old, a little early than the newly recommended 26weeks, but considering I weaned P1 at 4 months I’m quite confident that having a little munch on something wouldn’t harm her. P2 was allowed to try a rusk. She absolutely loved it! Her gums munched …

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