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Our Weaning Journey – First Tastes with HiPP Organic

I know that weaning can be a stressful time for any parent, I’ve been there twice before and have made it through all the good and the bad bits. I wanted to create a series of blog posts on weaning. Of course, I am not medically trained and my way is certainly not the right or wrong way to do …

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“I’ve been my daughters comfort when she’s feeling her worst”

I told myself last night that I had certain jobs to do today. Our easter holiday break begins this Thursday and quite frankly our house is a pig sty! Everyone, except me typically, have come down with colds and I’ve slowly watched the mess creep on top of me. I’ve put caring for the kids and hubby above the cleaning, …

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Letter to my Princess 3 – 6 Months

To my Princess 3, I can’t believe you are already six months and we’ve made it through half of a year of sleepless nights and poopy nappies. At six months you have rolled once, laughed twice and are sitting slightly unaided for 30 seconds. You smile at everyone. Having said that, you have definitely started to feel some separation anxiety …

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