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ALDI Specialbuys New Baby Range

Over a year ago now we reviewed some nappies from ALDI and were so incredibly impressed by them. In fact they were the best nappy for absorbency we’ve ever used but unfortunately, at the time our local ALDI was a pretty long way away and it just didn’t work out cost effective to shop there. Especially just for nappies. But since …

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Aldi Celebrates 25 Years In The UK

Aldi, a German based supermarket, hit the UK back in April 1990, the same month and year that my hubby was born. They now have over 500 shops in the UK! To celerate Aldi turning 25 we were sent a hamper with the ingredients and tools to create their Shooting Star Cocktail. Aldi won Multiple Wine Retailer of the Year …

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Aldi Mamia Nappy Review

I change two different bottoms, roughly 8 times a day, seven days a week! This will cut down to one bottom soon, I’m counting down the days trust me but my nappy changing days are far from over so finding the right nappy for my children is critical. We’ve tried a lot. P1 spent her time in branded Pampers or …

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