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We Have A Threenager

As if having to struggle each day with P3 having awful, early, terrible twos wasn’t bad enough, we have been thrown in the deep end with P2 experiencing some serious threenager moments. She is struggling in herself I think and it’s really painful for me to witness it each day. Some days she is the sweetest. She is kind, caring and …

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Do You Have Road Rage? Take The Quiz

Road rage is something that I think that all road users must have, even if it’s just a tiny bit, my Hubby used to be very hot headed behind the wheel but thankfully that has mellowed down a lot over the past year or so. I love this little quiz about road rage, I’d love to know how you got …

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Little Bit Angry With Judgemental Know It Alls

I recently came across what I thought was an amazing website when searching for breast feeding jewellery. It was a website for young parents. Kind of like a support group with lots of information. There was a link where you could contact them to join their team. I was definitely up for that. I’m very proud of what I have …

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