Car Maintenance and Tyre Safety Tips

Whether you are heading to pick your kids up from school or going out to get groceries, it is important that you make sure your car is in a roadworthy condition. For your vehicle to be in a roadworthy condition one of the important things you can do is to make a habit of frequently looking after your car and its parts. 

Inspecting Tyres 

Looking after your car tyres and not ignoring them is vital as they are one of the most crucial car parts that can impact a vehicle’s speed along with the overall performance. Properly inspecting the tyres for any cut or bulges can help you note whether they are in a roadworthy condition or not. If you have purchased quality tyres, they will last longer than expected and will help your car run smoothly over rough terrain along with helping you achieve fuel efficiency.

Inspect Tread Depth 

Excessive driving causes your tyres to wear and tear over time hence damaging the rubber tread of a tyre. A thread usually protects the tyre from getting deteriorated by the harmful sharp stones and debris present on the road. You can see whether the tread of the tyres is up to the marked level or not by measuring it through the rim of a 20 pence coin. If the tread depth is up to the adequate level then you don’t need to worry however if it is below the desired depth you might need a tyre change. You can also get your tyres online from Jet Wheel Tyre – you can call here (01268 988552).

Look at Wheel Alignment 

Having proper wheel alignment will help you achieve a smoother drive as there will be fewer chances of your vehicle drifting in the wrong direction. It is true that improper wheel alignment can cause your steering wheel to vibrate while you are driving hence distracting you and causing road turbulence. You can easily notice signs of wheels that need fixing by checking steering vibration and if you are experiencing your car drifting to either direction while you slightly leave the steering wheel during the drive. Hence it is recommended to get it checked by a proper tyre garage as soon as you can. 

Avoid Overweight 

Putting too much load on the car can cause extra pressure on tyres hence damaging the tyre rubber and causing it to lose appropriate amounts of air pressure. This can also result in miscalculated puncture while you are driving, causing you to get stranded in the middle of a busy road. In order to avoid unnecessary tyre damage, it is always better to avoid overloading your vehicle with extra weight.

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