Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo Review

As I’m sure you’re aware already that Fisher-Price are sponsoring me to attend the UK’s largest parenting and lifestyle blogging event, BritMums Live. As part of the package my job is to give awareness to them as a company and of course their products on my blog and social media in the lead up to BritMums Live.

My girls have each thoroughly enjoyed their jumperoos. But now, as a family of 5, we had decided to not get a jumperoo as we just didn’t have the space to have it in our house. Then Fisher-Price told me about the Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo.

space saver jumperoo

The Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo has the ability to be folded completely flat which instantly makes this a viable option for us as a family. We are able to fold it down and hide it away behind the highchair or sofa. It’s such a great feature and I certainly think they should all be like this.

Because of the folding feature it means that the SpaceSaver Jumperoo is not as bouncy as the other ones we’ve had. It only has the bouncy spring on the back but this doesn’t seem to have stopped P3 enjoying the Jumperoo any differently.

space saver jump

The SpaceSaver Jumperoo has different height adjustments allowing for it to be suitable for babies that are able to hold their head up unaided all the way until 11.3kg, or when they start climbing out of it!

The Jumperoo has a padded toy bar featuring the rainforest friends roller ball and spinners. These are brightly coloured and P3 loves to watch them but she can’t quite reach them properly just yet.

play jumperoo

There’s a light up musical piano along the front, with a teether, ring bar and clicker. The SpaceSaver Jumperoo plays music and lights which combined with the textures of the different toys makes this toy fantastic for helping develop the senses and motor skills. I do think the SpaceSaver Jumperoo is a little lacking compared to other jumperoos but having said this it has given P3 plenty of entertainment and I’ve been able to get washing up done whilst she’s been happily bouncing away.

Recommended retail price is around £80 but you can get this on Amazon for £60. I do think this is a good price but do wish that it maybe had a little more interactive toys available for P3 to enjoy.


Value for money

A perfect jumperoo for a small house or somewhere lacking space. Entertaining and excellent quality.

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