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Enjoying The SSE Rewards For Disney On Ice

Fun fact for you, I used to have weekly ice skating lessons and was pretty good at it. Ice skating holds a special place in my heart for many reasons and it’s a sport I really love to watch and participate in when given the chance. Teaming ice skating with my new obsession of Disney, you can just imagine how …

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Clip ‘n Climb Tonbridge Review

It’s no secret that my middle daughter is a little fearless daredevil. I feel like we spend a lot of time figuring out fun things for her to try out to really push her boundaries and we have been itching to take a trip to Clip ‘n Climb. I was a little nervous as last time we planned an activity …

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Fearing For Our Future – Another Terrorist Attack

I was woken up this morning to the sound of P2 shouting “Mummy” at 5:30am. This is normal and it’s something that drives me insane every single day. As I got back into bed I checked my phone and there was a notification from our lovely friend in Orlando. She asked if we were all ok and that she was …

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